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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


NaNoWriMo 2014 #25

Words: 2010
Total Wordcount: 49240
Pages: 9
Hours worked: 5 (-45 minute dinner break)

Only 760 words to write tomorrow and I'm done, hooray!

Monday, November 24, 2014


NaNoWriMo 2014 #24

Words: 1791 2063
Total Wordcount: 4695847230
Pages: 8 9
Hours worked: 3 4 (no breaks)

Still exploring the new room at Netherfield while waiting to hear back from my day job editor on the next phase of the new project. I might come back to write a bit more on the NaNo novel later today*, but for now I'm off to run errands.

*Got in one more page tonight, so added that to the day's counts.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


NaNoWriMo 2014 #23

Words: 2012
Total Wordcount: 45167
Pages: 10
Hours worked: 4.5 (-45 minutes dinner break)

Whew. Intense chapter work today that led to a wonderful melding of two ideas and a hidden library, hooray! I had no idea that would happen but it just did, right there on the page. The vicar's sister also totally bailed me out of a major plot problem -- and made sense in the Netherfield universe to boot -- so now I love her, too.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


NaNoWriMo 2014 #22

Took today off to rest up a bit and pamper our ailing kitty. More tomorrow!

Friday, November 21, 2014


NaNoWriMo 2014 #21

Words: 3787
Total Wordcount: 43155
Pages: 18
Hours worked: 8.5 (-1.45 minute breaks total)

Went to town on the NaNo novel today to make up for the carpet cleaning absence. Very happy to be over the 40K mark; I think I might finish before Thanksgiving. Trying not to jinx it so never mind . . . .

Thursday, November 20, 2014


NaNoWriMo 2014 #20

Taking off today from NaNoWriMo to get my carpets cleaned. Back tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


NaNoWriMo 2014 #19

Words: 2031
Total Wordcount: 39368
Pages: 8
Hours worked: 4 (-45 minute break for dinner)

Wrote right up to within blinking distance of 40K, but had to stop to finish the prep for the carpet cleaners tomorrow. A bit of a slog today because of my achy breaky back and some depressing news about a personal friend. Still, if life wasn't messing with me I wouldn't feel normal. Onward.


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