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Monday, August 27, 2012

An excerpt from Nightbred by Lynn Viehl
Lords of the Darkyn Book #2
published by Signet Select
to be released December 4, 2012

Jamys Durand has returned to the tropical beauty of South Florida to search for a lost treasure. His quest is dangerous, but he will risk anything to become a Kyn lord and have Christian, the mortal girl he can't forget. But as Jamys and Chris quickly discover something is terribly wrong in Paradise . . . something that involves Lucan, one of the most dangerous Kyn lords alive . . .

Chris pulled out her mobile and speed-dialed Sam’s number as she hurried after the big man.

“Hey, kid,” her friend answered, and yawned. “Taking the night off?”

“No, I’m on duty. Hang on.” Chris jumped off the steps onto the sand. “Jamys and I are by the old abandoned pier on Loggerhead Beach. So is Lucan, and something’s seriously wrong with him.”

“How wrong?”
“He just threw a guy who can’t swim off the pier.” Chris raced through the pilings toward Jamys. “Sam, we need you down here. Now.”

“Four minutes.” The line clicked.

By the time Chris reached Jamys he was standing over the coughing, heaving thug and holding a copper dagger.

“Get out of my way, boy,” Lucan said as he approached them. He jerked back as Jamys made a quick motion, and looked down at the horizontal slash in his shirt. The edges of the white fabric grew dark as blood soaked through them. “You cut me. You little bastard.”

“Stay back,” Jamys ordered.

Chris went to the man, and helped him to his feet. “Can you run?” When he nodded, she gave him a push. “Go. That way. Get your friend, and get the hell out of here.”

Lucan noticed the thug as he staggered away, and moved to follow. Jamys countered him, still holding his dagger ready.

“I have fought armies, and slit the throats of more men than you could count,” Lucan said. “Think you can end me with one tiny blade, boy?”

“We can find out, my lord,” Jamys assured him.

“Suzerain, please,” Chris begged. “Stop. Just stop.”

“And you, you treacherous little slut.” Lucan turned his head toward Chris. “I took you into my household, did I not? Gave my protection and my affection, and for what? So you might whore yourself behind my back for this nothing of a boy. Is that how you keep your oath to your master?”

“I haven’t taken the oath yet, and I don’t whore myself for anyone.” It took everything she had to smile instead of bursting into tears. “I think you have me confused with some other treacherous little slut.”

“I will deal with you later.” Lucan turned on Jamys. “You are no longer welcome in my territory, Durand. You will leave at once, tonight, and you will not return.”

“No.” Chris felt horrified. “Lucan, please.”

Jamys politely inclined his head. “As you say, my lord.”

“That’s more like it.” Lucan bared his fangs. “If I ever find you inside my boundaries again, I will take you apart and send you back to your father in a basket.”

“I will go.” Jamys lowered his blade. “First you give your word you will not harm Christian.”

“My word? I am the master of this territory, and she belongs to me.” Lucan grabbed hold of Chris’s arm and dragged her to his side. “I will do whatever I damn well please with her.”

“If that is how you feel,” Jamys said, “I will take her away with me.”

“It seems you have a choice, girl.” Lucan sneered down at her. “Go with him, or stay with me. Or perhaps you don’t care who crawls between your thighs.”

Chris blinked. Lucan had a terrible temper, especially where Samantha was concerned, but even in his worst mood he always maintained an frigid politeness, especially toward women. “What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing a bit of slap and tickle wouldn’t cure.” Lucan focused on Jamys. “Shall I have her now, boy? If you watch a real man at it, you might even learn something.”

“What about me?” Sam walked up and planted herself in front of Lucan. “You want to teach me something, too?”

Chris didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She settled for cringing. “Sam, he didn’t mean it. He lost his temper.”

“At last, my lady arrives.” Lucan turned Chris loose and pushed her away. “Now we’ll each have a whore to plow, boy.”

Sam’s expression turned to from stone to ice. “Jamys, please take Chris back to the stronghold.”

“He can’t. I’ve banished Durand from my territory,” Lucan informed her. “He’s not taking the little slut any—” his head rocked back as Sam’s fist connected with his jaw, and the force of the punch made him stagger.

“Have you lost your mind?” Sam demanded. “Jamys and Chris are our friends. You don’t banish him, and you don’t touch her. And who do you think you are, calling me a whore?”

Lucan rubbed the fading dark spot on his jaw as he eyed her and sneered. “I am your lord and master, my lady.”

“Oh, yeah?” She drew a gun and shot him. “Now you’re just beach trash.”

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