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Thursday, June 16, 2011

An excerpt from Book #1, Lords of the Darkyn trilogy
by Lynn Viehl

Gabriel went back to the car and opened the boot, removing a colorful tote bag before he returned. “Do you want to wear the red beret or the Mickey Mouse ears?”

Nicola scowled and held out her hand. “Give me the ears.”

Once they were ready, Gabriel walked with her to the pier, where Nicola began to tow him by the arm toward the ship.

“Get a picture of those barnacles, honey,” she said in a loud voice as she started up the ramp. As Gabriel pretended to use the oversize camera hanging from the strap around his neck, she fluttered her hand at the men standing above them. “Yoo-hoo. Fellas. Has the tour started?” She frowned as she pulled out a phrasebook. “Um, I mean, lay tour co-men-say?”

The men looked at each other before one of them said, “Madam, this is a private vessel.”

“Oh, you speak English, thank goodness.” She heaved a sign. “I failed French in high school. Twice.”

“Madam, I must ask you—”

“Right, right, you need our tickets for tour.” Nicola opened the tote bag and began searching through it as she pushed between them to step onto the deck. “Honey, did you put them in the pocket this morning like I told you?”

“Sure did, darlin’.” Gabriel took advantage of the distraction to move past the men and slip up behind another guarding the entrance to the hold. He covered his mouth as he plucked the clear plug out of his nose, and the scent of evergreen grew thick and hot.

“Madam,” one of the men said, “there is no tour.”

“Just a sec, sweetie, I’ve got them right here somewhere.” She lifted her head and gave Gabriel a wink before he went around the corner to deal with the other two guards. “I can’t believe how authentic everything looks,” Gabriel heard her say. “You’re even wearing guns, like real scumbags.”

By the time he had knocked out and secured the other guards the two by Nicola were growing visibly agitated. “You must leave,” one of them told her. “Now.”

“You’re not our tour guide, are you? No offense, but I’d like someone a little friendlier.” She reached out and plucked the nine millimeter from one of the guard’s shoulder holster. “Wow, this is really heavy.” Before he could react, she relieved the other guard of his Glock. “I think I like this one better. It’s shinier.”

One of the men grabbed at her, dislodging the Mickey Mouse ears off her head. The wind caught the hat and sent it sailing over the side.

“Hey.” Nicola glanced over the railing before she scowled at the guard. “You drowned my ears. You douche.” She straightened, flipped the guns in her hands, holding the barrels as she used them to pistol-whip both guards at the same time. “I loved those ears.” As the men crumpled to the deck, she tossed one of the guns to Gabriel before she leaned over the unconscious guard. “I ought to shoot you in the head, you heartless Mickey Mouse-hating bastard.”

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