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Monday, October 06, 2008

Ten Pics from PBW's Latest Road Trip

Doris Morgan would love it -- Click to see larger image

1. Tybee Island, Georgia -- we took a walk down the beach here so I could get my sea fix; beautiful place.

Church goes Goth -- click to see larger image

2. The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Savannah. Even more imposing and intimidating than it looks. The building across the street is now a coffee shop, which I found rather amusing.

Got brick? -- Click to see larger image

3. Detail from brick wall, Factor's Walk off Bay Street down by the river, Savannah. I am always fascinated by the countless varieties, shapes, colors and ages of the stone and brick used to build the city.

Look it's the new RITA award -- click to see larger image

4. This two-face, squat, flaming object was set out on the sidewalk, near Lafayette Square, Savannah. I don't think anyone would try to lift it, much less steal it.

My kind of conference -- click to see larger image

5. A flock of seagulls, Tybee Island. They followed me wherever I walked so I guess someone has been feeding them or I've suddenly become irresistable to gulls.

Because you simply can't have enough live oak -- click to see larger image

6. Early morning shot of Lafayette Square. I wondered around here for about an hour taking various pics and soaking up the sound of water splashing in the fountain and the ever-present birdsong.

Noon in the Garden of Mostly Good -- click to see larger image

7. Garden tucked away behind a church that I passed by (I think this was the First Baptist Church, but I can't swear to it.)

The gates of I'm Not Telling -- Click to see larger image

8. A contemporary wrought iron gate of leaves with a woodpecker and other critters hiding among the branches.

My idea of house porn -- click to see larger image

9. The Owens-Thomas House; designed by William Jay. One of the best examples of Regency architecture in America and my favorite house in Savannah. Don't get me started on this one, I'll never shut up.

Ghost in the Frame -- click to see larger image

10. An interesting staircase (there are a million of them in Savannah) that I passed while out walking around the historic district. I have no idea who the ghosts are, but they were friendly.


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