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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day #4

I hit a zone today with my NaNoNovel, and opportunistic wretch that I am, I wrote straight through it (I did take a 15 minute break every hour to get up, stretch, walk me and the pup a few times and rest my voice.) I rode the rush and stopped only when the alarm went off for school pick-up. I love writing days like this.

My protagonist is coming along nicely, but I did move part of a scene up one chapter from plan because it needed to happen sooner; at least half of it did. I notice I'm skimping on some physical descriptions again, but I think I thoroughly nailed the setting and the additional cast members that I introduced today. It's always easier to describe people and places I despise.

This puts me ahead of schedule. If I can knock out quota + 500 extra words tomorrow and Friday, I will have bought myself the weekend off. Which I need; lots to mull over before all hell breaks loose in the story next week.

Today's Stats:

Wordcount: 3439
Total Wordcount: 11025
Pages: 14
Total Pages: 52
Time: 8:00am -- 1:00pm
Sessions: 1 @ 4 hours + four 15 minute breaks every hour.


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