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Friday, November 06, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day #6

Today I had a domestic crisis interrupt my writing life; one of the motor mounts on the engine popped its cap, and as the part was still under warranty I had to take it over to the shop to have it replaced. Then my guy and I decided to look at something I'm not going to write here in case my kids are reading this (you'll just have to wait until Christmas, you nosy little darlings.) Then I had to come home, review contracts, put together packages, talk to Mom, get ready for a school function, etc. etc. so the day simply evaporated on me.

I did pop into the office whenever I had time to spare to write in between all this stuff. It took all day and some of tonight, but I managed to knock out my goal wordcount. What I wrote was fairly sketchy (I don't write by voice well in short snatches) but I got some good dialogue out of it and one interesting bit of world-building. I did not try to edit at all; I'll do that over the weekend.

I'm getting spoiled in my old age, wallowing in hours and hours alone during the day to write. Today reminded me of how I started out when I got serious about the work, when I had to write everything very fast in between naps or after the kids were down for the night. I am really lucky now to have four or five hours a day to work uninterrupted.

Today's Stats:

Wordcount: 2100
Total Wordcount: 16024
Pages: 8
Total Pages: 75
Time: Various
Sessions: Several in 10 and 20 minute bursts (I didn't count them or time them); wrote a bit here and there throughout the day whenever I could get on the computer.


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