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Friday, November 09, 2012


NaNoWriMo 2012 #9

As I anticipated I didn't get to attend to my 11/08 edits, so I'll add yesterday's draft to today's and knock them out tonight.

I'm feeling pretty good about this morning's writing session; I got a bit of a late start but otherwise it went well. Broke the 20K barrier and if all goes well this weekend I should hit the halfway mark for NaNo by Sunday.

Yesterday I decided against using the "it" pronoun to refer to Kim; I know it's the logical choice for an androgyne who refuses to gender identify but it's really annoying me. I guess I simply can't think of any person as an "it". To solve the problem I coined a replacemet: fym. Tonight I'll change all the pronoun references to her to that because it is really, really bugging me.

New words: 2011
New manuscript total: 20,868
First Draft

Added: Edits for 11/08 and 11/09, bringing new words to 2426 and the manuscript total to 21,283.

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