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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


NaNoWriMo 2012 #7

Another slow but steady writing morning. I did backtrack to correct my pronoun uses in a few spots where I referred to Kim as a female versus an androgyne (a mistake I realized I made only this morning.) Generally I wait until I finish the novel to do something like this, but by then it would be kind of a nightmare to search and replace every incorrently-used "she" and "her". I'll be putting a note on my monitor with a big KIM = IT to remind me to refrain from gender references for her for the rest of November.

I introduced Thea into the story today, and writing her dialogue was fun. She's turned out a bit battier than I imagined, but in a strange way it's good camoflauge, so I'm running with it.

New Words: 2101
Manuscript Total: 16,625

First Draft Added: In response to several requests, I've made one extra change with the Edited version of today's work by accepting all the previous changes in the manuscript. This should make the chapters I've already edited easier to read. With the edits my new words total bumps up to 2221, for a new total of 16,745. Not bad for a week's work. :)

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